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10DLC registration updates T-Mobile and AT&T
Incident Report for Telesign system status
Country: USA

Operator: T-Mobile, AT&T

Effective date: already started


T-Mobile has postponed MO/MT termination fee increase for unregistered and/or non-migrated traffic that is on P2P routes. The date of the fee increase will be communicated.

AT&T - 10DLC program is currently in a registration “grace period.” They informed that all organizations should register their brands and campaigns during this period. They will give 30 days’ notice of the end of the grace period. Any message traffic that is unregistered after the grace period will be treated at P2P throughput rates and SPAM filters. SMS MT Fee = $0.04 and MMS Fee of $0.05. Also, trust scores will no longer be part of the initial registration process. Registration will verify the Brand/Campaign information. All other verified campaigns will be assigned to Class E or F by default (TPM 240). To move to a higher standard class, with corresponding higher throughput, 3rd Party vetting results will be required. Campaign/Brands that cannot be verified will not be able to register.

AT&T has partnered with WMC Global to implement a 10DLC monitoring program. The goal of this program is to reduce unwanted messages being sent to AT&T customers. This program will monitor traffic for Unsolicited Messages and Phishing campaigns. If high volume activity is identified, WMC Global will create an audit and communicate it via email. Anyone who receives a 10DLC audit notification will have to fulfil these requirements:

Unsolicited Message Alerts:

-Must be addressed within five business days of publication;

-RCA must be attached to the audit prior to the audit being closed, and must include:

• Description, or URL if applicable, of how the service is being advertised to consumers
• Active keywords
• Opt-in process description
• Consent record confirmation based on the message content and timestamp
• TCR Campaign ID

Phishing Alerts:

-Must be addressed within two business days of publication.
-RCA must be attached to the audit prior to the audit being closed and must include detailed remedial actions taken to prevent further phishing activity.
Posted Sep 29, 2021 - 02:11 PDT
This incident affects: Regulatory Updates.